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1. Is it glitz or natural?


You decide.  We allow both styles. We suggest soft and sweet, toned down hairstyles. In beauty,  dresses are not judged only facial beauty and personality.

2. What time does it start? Where is it?

Schedule goes out approximately one week before the event. Venue will generally be available a few weeks before the event. Watch the Facebook Event Group for the event for updates. Join the Facebook Event Group by clicking the location on the Schedule page.  

3. How do I get started?

Read over the Information and Categories section then fill out the ONLINE Entry form. Once you do that, you are entered in the pageant. It's as simple as that!

4. What do I wear?

Click on the Categories section, then click on the FAQ for each event. Clothing suggestions are listed there.

5. What do parents with babies do with them in the pageant?

Parents with children under the age of 3 are asked to walk their little ones up to the judges area or on stage. Focus on getting them to smile/wave. For the young children, we do not judge modeling, instead we judge more on personality in this group.

6. Do parents taking children on stage have to pay the $9 door badge? 

Yes, everyone who is not a contestant pays to enter the ballroom. This includes siblings not competing, all family members and friends, and parents taking children on stage. The exception to this is babies in strollers under the age of

7. I'm not getting any emails. What should I do? 

First and most important, when you register, add
to your approved contacts list. If you don't get emails, contact us and we will resend them. They often get caught in SPAM.  

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