General Overview

1. Deadline to Register:  

Deadline for registration is ONE WEEK before the date of the Pageant. There is a limit of 15 entrants per age division. We may split groups, but we never combine groups. Contestants registering the week of the pageant will have a $5 recalculating fee added to their contestant fees. We welcome late registrants and accommodate them at the pageant day if we have enough room in groups. 

2. NO-Show Policy:

Do not register unless you are committed to come to the event. Please review your schedule check work, outside activities, and any other event that may conflict with ours.  If you email us to change plans less than one week before the event, after we have made the schedule, you are considered a no-show.  Because we BLOCK schedule, we may be able to accommodate if you have something else planned that day, HOWEVER, we do not post our schedule until one week before the event. Please allow time for travel and traffic to arrive.  While we understand that children get sick and people get called into work, excessive NO-SHOWS will result in a permanent ban from our events. We believe in an open door policy and common courtesy where this is involved.  

3. Late Policy: 

We run a very tight schedule and we have blocked off your contestant's time on our schedule. We understand that life and traffic happen, however please be on time and allow extra time for this.  Its better to arrive early than be late.  If you are late for your groups registration, there is a chance we may not be able to accommodate you in the group.  This is at the discretion of the director. Please call us if you are running late!  If registration is closed and the group is ready, there is a chance we may start early.  

​4. Sportsmanship/Dress Policy:

Please act, dress and conduct yourselves as ladies and gentlemen.  We will NOT tolerate malice towards the contestants or judges.  If you have a problem with the event, please see the director!  Inflammatory actions or social media posts or internet blog posts will not be tolerated. All contestants must sign a sportsmanship clause prior to competition.  We will not tolerate inflammatory posts and we will seek legal action.  

5. Cancellation Policy

If we have less than 10 confirmed contestants, we may cancel or reschedule our event.  We normally have 30 to 40 registrants per event and canceling is the exception, not the norm. Please CONFIRM with the QOTC representative via telephone when you are called.  If you are not available by phone, you can confirm with us by email.  If we cancel, contestants may be offered a discount on the next event.

6. Refund Policy

Once your registration is complete, there are NO refunds for any reason at any time.  

7. Scores Policy

Our pageants are very subjective and based on the judges opinion at a moment in time.  It is for that reason we do not offer scores.  Judges may be available for comment after the event.  That is at the discretion of the director and the judges.  Additionally, time permitting, photos scores may be distributed after the event.  

Beauty Pageants

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