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​There are no refunds for any reason

once final registration has been completed at the door! 

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Beauty Pageants

Entry Fees

General Cost Overview

Regular Events: You are only obligated to do the FREE beauty event.  The other events are offered as optional contests.  All noncompeting persons must pay $9 to enter and watch the event. 

Beauty Event:                                  FREE

Casual Wear Event:                       $21.50

Theme Wear Event:                       $21.50

Hair, Smile and Eyes Event:         $20.00

Photogenic Event:                          $6.00    (up to 8 photos $20.00)

Ambassador Award:                      $26.00 (sash/crown, awarded on stage, no competition necessary)

Supreme Contests:  

If you enter the Beauty Event, Casual Wear Event, or Theme Wear Event, you are automatically entered into the corresponding Supreme Event.  There is only one title per contestant, items in this area are not double awarded (please see Awards section). 

Two Overall Contests:

Events that may be added at the pageant if there are enough entrants.  These may be                 

added at a low cost of $21.50 each (depending on the event). These are optional, just for fun!

Press Badges:                                    $5​

(Allow photography for a contestant on stage.  Cost per family)

Door Badges:                                    $9

(Allow Entrance into the event, per non-competing person. Family members taking children on stage are considered non competing, and must pay $9 entry fee. )


We do NOT  take a deposit.  We accept all major credit cards and cash at the door.  If you are paying in cash, please bring exact change and small bills.  If you wish to pay in advance, after you have completed your sign in form please send paypal to